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Do I need to attend a workshop to participate in this project?

Anyone may participate. You do not need to attend a workshop but it can be helpful. Go to the Contact page for information on how to send a letter.

Can I send something besides a letter?

If the material is shreddable, it is OK. Cards, postcards, drawings, magazine clippings, and anything on paper may be sent. Best to avoid sending plastics or hard objects made of wood or metal, as they will jam the shredder. If you do send something that is not shreddable, a photocopy of the object will be shredded. The object will be put aside and may be included in the exhibit.

What is the timeframe for the project?

The project lasts for one year from March 2015 to March 2016. There will be an exhibit of the raku-fired Spirit Houses created from the project at the Nyack Library for the month of March 2016.

How many letters may I send?

You may send as many as you want: letters, poems, cards, drawings, photos, clippings, etc.

Does the letter have to be to a loved one?

No, you may send a letter to anyone who has passed away. You may even send a letter to someone you are upset with or have unresolved issues with.

You may send a letter to someone you do not know personally but was significant to you, e.g., Dr. Martin Luthor King, John Lennon, Princess Diana.

How private is my communication?

I will not read any letters mailed but may inadvertently read parts of emails sent because I have to print them out to shred them.

What if I want my letter to be in the exhibit?

If you wish to include your letter in the exhibit, you have to let me know by writing PERMISSION TO USE on the envelope you send the letter in. A photocopy of your letter may be used in the public exhibit.  The original will be shredded.

If you email a letter, you must write PERMISSION TO USE in the first line of the email.

There is no guarantee of inclusion in the exhibit.

Why are you raku firing the paper houses?

In the firing the clay houses are absorbing the words from the shredded letters into the clay body, "spiritualizing" the words for delivery to their intended recipient. The firing is both cathartic and transformative.


Frequently Asked Questions